Examples of Innovation



Working in conjunction with STW and ABB, CEMA have developed and installed a type tested Active Voltage Conditioner solution to resolve voltage supply disturbances at a number of STW sites.  To Find Out More…..

Point I/O

Modular MCC’s complete with point I/O offering commercial benefits over traditional solutions. To Find Out More…..


Off Site Build

To reduce time on site and to facilitate improved quality control procedures CEMA installed two large MCC’s into containers at our production facility, connecting and testing all busbars and interlinking prior to shipping. 

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Tailored Design

As a longstanding supplier to the water industry, CEMA excel at collaborating with package plant designers to ensure solutions meet the requirements of WIMES and End User specifications.

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DFMA is an approach to design that focuses on ease of manufacture and efficiency of assembly. It is a well-established approach in many sectors that are driven by the need to produce large numbers of consistently high-quality products very efficiently.

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Remote Switching

CEMA have collaborated with Terasaki to promote the remote operation and racking of Air Circuit Breakers on site to reduce risks from arc faults.

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RAMS Development Tool

Utilising our extensive experience of industry site hazards and appropriate mitigations we have developed a risk book and RAMS development tool to further enhance on site safety. 

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