In Brief

The Group

The CEMA Group started as CEMA Ltd which was founded by Frank Ciaurro in 1987 in Nottingham.CEMA Ltd quickly grew to become one of the leading electrical engineering companies in the United Kingdom, specialising in understanding and meeting the requirements of the UK market.

As customer requirements evolved, so the CEMA Group was formed to meet those needs by expanding existing resources and skillset’s, and by acquiring and developing complementary businesses throughout the UK and India.

The group delivers a pioneering range of essential services for the entire UK.

From the design, build, install and commission of small roadside electrical pump control panels to international airport asset management the group recognises the diversity of requirements from its clients and provides a broad platform of skill sets for sharing its best practices and capabilities

The group has built up a reputation with all its customers over the years that has continually focused on safety, delivery, efficiency and service as well as innovative, bespoke and standard designs. With a turnover of over £40m in 2021 this now means that as a group CEMA is able to improve even further by being able to commit to profitable growth with continual internal and external development.

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