CEMA Ltd is going green with electric car charging points

Today CEMA Ltd have installed two electric car charging stations in their car park.

Here at CEMA Ltd we have always been committed to doing our bit for the environment, whether it be recycling our waste materials, or simply using less paper. Fundamentally, this is because we believe it is our responsibility as one of the UK’s leading electrical engineering companies to set an example of what can be done when it comes to going green.

“I believe we at CEMA Ltd, as a company, are doing that little bit extra as it all makes a difference.”

 Graeme Morley Managing Director

 As of last week, we have now taken a further step with the installation of a brand new, fully operational electric car charging point in our car park. The charging point consists of two charge posts, meaning that two separate vehicles can be charged simultaneously.

With the installation of the charging points this means now that CEMA Ltd CEO, Frank Ciaurro and Sales Director, Matt Parsons as well as staff and visitors can charge their electric cars for free from the CEMA carpark.

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