Pump Centre Conference 2011

Mark Horsley - recipient of the 2011 Young Engineer of the Year Award

I'm honored to be awarded with such a great achievement and would like to thank CEMA Group for the support given to me during my progression and education.

Mark’s line manager and the Board of Directors of CEMA Group encouraged, supported and fully endorsed Mark's award application which is typical of his initiative to further his career.

Mark has not been held back by a lack of structure around an achievement recognition scheme within the business, He has taken it upon himself, by constantly striving not only to improve his own career prospects by a natural professional development attitude but also to instigate a 2011 CEMA Group Apprentice of the Year Award scheme for others that follow.

Should such a scheme have been in place at CEMA Group in previous years Mark would have achieved award level recognition for a ‘beyond expectations’ commitment to furthering his education, resulting in a recognised professional engineering career built from nothing at school leaving age.

Mark leads his apprentice colleagues with a can do and committed attitude which will enable him to realise great things in his future engineering career, which CEMA Automation fully supports.

Currently Mark is assisting the board of directors in structuring our apprentice scheme to recognise future ‘Mark Horsley’s’ so that the hard work and dedication, similar to that shown Mark, can be channelled in the right areas supporting future apprentices with the opportunities Mark has strived for during his early career development.

Mark, through his determination and thought for others, has opened up a continual professional development programme to all our school leaving apprentices whether shop floor or office biased.

All at CEMA Automation thank Mark for his commitment to the future generation of electrical engineers.